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AmeriSave: An Introduction to Mortgage Refinancing

In addition to providing several top-quality home loan products for new homebuyers, leading retail mortgage lender AmeriSave frequently helps clients who wish to refinance their mortgages. For many people, mortgage refinance can significantly lower monthly payments and allow them to manage their finances more effectively. Ideal for individuals and families who wish to stay in their home for an extended time, mortgage refinancing can also help homeowners receive cash from their homes for educational expenses, home improvements, and other large expenditures.

Individuals often refinance their mortgages to consolidate their debt under one loan, which makes it much easier to manage. A mortgage can also consolidate debts such as credit card and auto loans, which typically feature high interest rates, under one low monthly rate. In addition to moving from a fixed-rate mortgage to an adjustable-rate mortgage, mortgage refinancing allows homeowners to repay their loans faster and eliminate private mortgage insurance.