About AmeriSave

AmerisaveSince its inception, Amerisave has worked with current and prospective homebuyers to refinance or secure a purchase mortgage at attractive rates. Recognized as one of the top on-line retail mortgage lenders in the United States, Amerisave boasts a highly experienced team of senior mortgage processors, underwriters, and management professionals ready to assist clients with all manner of mortgage and refinancing services.

Amerisave continues to build upon its 10-year history in the mortgage industry under the leadership of President of Operations Carol Poupart, Executive Vice President of Credit Risk Mark Lively, and Executive Vice President Ed Abufaris. To this end, Amerisave serves its customers quickly and considers their individual needs, generating a strong record of client satisfaction in the process. With a growing collection of client testimonials and a solid rating from the Better Business Bureau, Amerisave strives to deliver safe, simple mortgages in a timely fashion and constantly works to improve its services.

As a testament to its capabilities as a direct lender, Amerisave maintains an Approved Lender status from Fannie Mae, is an equal housing lender, and holds certification as an Upfront Mortgage Lender. This certification is only given to those lenders with a demonstrated history of fairness and transparency in the mortgage process.

Amerisave distinguishes itself further through its Purchase Mortgage On Time Closing Guarantee, which promises the closing of a purchase mortgage within the specified time frame or the company will apply a $1,000 credit toward closing costs. Amerisave’s home mortgage and refinance products are available to clients in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


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