Tips for Comparing Offers from Multiple Lenders

A direct mortgage lender, AmeriSave offers several mortgage products and has approved billions of dollars in home loans. AmeriSave works with hundreds of investors to raise capital for its loans.

When considering mortgage products, individuals should communicate with multiple lenders to ensure that they find the best deal for their particular circumstances. When reviewing offers, customers must ensure that they compare rates for the same type of mortgage and verify that the rates reflect the current markets. Both mortgage rates and closing costs can change rapidly and significantly, making it imperative that customers compare only offers made on the same day.

The most important points of comparison include the total of all points and the lender fees associated with the mortgage, which, in sum, give the total cost of the mortgage. These amounts are listed as section 800 and 813 on Good Faith Estimate forms. The lender with the lowest total has the best deal for the individual.

Individuals who are considering a refinance should also consider costs associated with title insurance, attorneys, and appraisals. Many of the larger lenders, such as AmeriSave, have partnerships with other organizations for cheaper rates.


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